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Riverdale Bizarrodale 26

Ascension Night 2: The Electric Boogaloo – Riverdale Recap – S3E12 – Bizarrodale

Time to unmask The Gargoyle King...again.
Riverdale The Red Dahlia 19

“Forget it, Jughead. It’s Riverdale.” Riverdale Recap – S3E11- The Red Dahlia

Just how many people can try to shoot Hiram Lodge this episode?
Riverdale The Stranger 24

The Gargoyle King Revealed? – Riverdale Recap – S3E10 – The Stranger

"At 8:47 on a Wednesday morning, Archie Andrews died." Now that's a way to start an episode! Oh wait, Archie is alive. But he's...
Riverdale No Exit 25

Introducing #Vereggie – Riverdale Recap – S3E9 – No Exit

Previously on Riverdale... The midseason break is over! Welcome back to our Riverdale recaps! First things first, let's remember where we left off. Betty is the Gryphon Queen,...

Archie and Jughead On The Road – Riverdale Recap S3E7: The Man in Black

Archie and Jughead star in On The Road. Jughead is taking up photography on their walkabout. We don't see what he photographing, if it's going...

RECAP: Riverdale – S4E19 – Chapter 76 – Killing Mr. Honey

The Riverdale season ends, but the story won't be resolved until the fall.

RECAP: Riverdale S4E18 – Chapter 75 – Lynchian

Subtle nods to David Lynch abound, as the mystery of the VHS bandits deppens
Kevin and his army of Hedwigs storm Riverdale's halls

RECAP: Riverdale S4E17 – Chapter 74 – Wicked Little Town

The Archies and the rest of Riverdale take on Hedwig in this season's musical episode!

RECAP: Riverdale S4E16 – Chapter 73 – The Locked Room

Jughead hosts his own locked room murder mystery, with his own would be murderers!
Archie kisses Betty in the music room of Riverdale High

RECAP: Riverdale S4E15 – Chapter 72 – To Die For

How long does a guy have to be dead before his girlfriend moves on to his best friend?
Archie and Veronica at the Ides of March party on Riverdale

RECAP: Riverdale S4E13 – Chapter 70 – The Ides of March

The Ides of March? Riverdale, it’s not even the Ides of February yet. Archie struggles to get out of bed pre-dawn, heading first to Andrews...

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