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Riverdale Bizarrodale 26

Ascension Night 2: The Electric Boogaloo – Riverdale Recap – S3E12 – Bizarrodale

Time to unmask The Gargoyle King...again.
Riverdale The Red Dahlia 19

“Forget it, Jughead. It’s Riverdale.” Riverdale Recap – S3E11- The Red Dahlia

Just how many people can try to shoot Hiram Lodge this episode?
Riverdale The Stranger 24

The Gargoyle King Revealed? – Riverdale Recap – S3E10 – The Stranger

"At 8:47 on a Wednesday morning, Archie Andrews died." Now that's a way to start an episode! Oh wait, Archie is alive. But he's...
Riverdale No Exit 25

Introducing #Vereggie – Riverdale Recap – S3E9 – No Exit

Previously on Riverdale... The midseason break is over! Welcome back to our Riverdale recaps! First things first, let's remember where we left off. Betty is the Gryphon Queen,...

Archie and Jughead On The Road – Riverdale Recap S3E7: The Man in Black

Archie and Jughead star in On The Road. Jughead is taking up photography on their walkabout. We don't see what he photographing, if it's going...
Archie and Skeet, creature of the Riverdale night

RECAP: Riverdale – S4E9 – Chapter 66 – Tangerine

...Tangerine! Tangerine!

RECAP: Riverdale – S4E8 – Chapter 65 – In Treatment

Firefly's Gina Torres joins the cast of the hit CW series!

RECAP: RIVERDALE S4E7 – Chapter Sixty Four – The Ice Storm

Never eat Thanksgiving dinner at the Blossom's!

RECAP: RIVERDALE S4E6 – Chapter Sixty-Three: Heredity

That Julian doll has got to go.

RECAP: Riverdale S4E5 — “Chapter Sixty Two: Witness for the Prosecution”

Someone plays Murder, someone has the murder gene, and someone else gets arrested for murder!

RECAP: Riverdale S4E4 – Chapter Sixty One – Halloween.

The creepiest town in America manages to get even creepier on Halloween.
Riverdale car wash

Recap: Riverdale S4E3 – Chapter 60 – Dog Day Afternoon

Edgar Evernever: Rocetman!

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