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Ready or Not

INTERVIEW: Analyzing READY OR NOT with the filmmaking collective known as Radio Silence

The filmmaking collective's snarky horror-thriller is now playing in theaters
Samara Weaving

INTERVIEW: Samara Weaving talks about READY OR NOT… and BILL AND TED!

The star of THE BABYSITTER is busier than ever.
Ready or Not

Review: READY OR NOT is likely to be somebody’s favorite snarky horror-comedy, just not...

Second feature from horror collective Radio Silence offers subtle laughs and less subtle gore

Are you ready or not for a Red-Band READY OR NOT trailer?

The crazy twisty thriller from Fox Searchlight hits theaters in August

Tolja: stingy Ike Perlmutter not ready to pay for Avengers cast reunion

Even as IRON MAN 3 is a record setting triumph for Marvel, as I hinted the other day, Marvel Studios' stinginess over signing deals...

There’s Blood on My Comics!: Narco-Horror at the heart of GASOLINA and TIGERS ARE...

What happens when horror takes on narcos and finds real monsters?

Another ARROW spin-off may be coming to The CW

The proposed series would focus on the future daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.
Joker review

REVIEW: JOKER leaves you wanting more, but not from the character himself

Do we need another Joker film?

Review: RAMBO: LAST BLOOD is a major downer… and not just in the most...

Senior Entertainment Writer Edward Douglas doesn't think much of this tired revenge flick

The X-Men forge an alliance in another new INCOMING! teaser from Marvel

How does Jonathan Hickman's reinvention of Marvel's mutants fit into the publisher's next crossover event?

Glimpse Eternity in another new INCOMING! teaser from Marvel

What do these three characters have to do with the dead body at the center of the next big Marvel mystery?

The Internet’s Strangest Superhero Songs: When is a song about Doctor Octopus NOT about...

I’m fascinated by people who use the name Spider-Man in their music, but don’t reference any aspect having remotely to do with Spider-Man and...

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