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Ready or Not

INTERVIEW: Analyzing READY OR NOT with the filmmaking collective known as Radio Silence

The filmmaking collective's snarky horror-thriller is now playing in theaters
Samara Weaving

INTERVIEW: Samara Weaving talks about READY OR NOT… and BILL AND TED!

The star of THE BABYSITTER is busier than ever.
Ready or Not

Review: READY OR NOT is likely to be somebody’s favorite snarky horror-comedy, just not...

Second feature from horror collective Radio Silence offers subtle laughs and less subtle gore

Are you ready or not for a Red-Band READY OR NOT trailer?

The crazy twisty thriller from Fox Searchlight hits theaters in August

Tolja: stingy Ike Perlmutter not ready to pay for Avengers cast reunion

Even as IRON MAN 3 is a record setting triumph for Marvel, as I hinted the other day, Marvel Studios' stinginess over signing deals...

Analysis: What’s coming – and what’s not – in Marvel’s revised summer schedule

Marvel's updated schedule of reduced output for the summer months has left a lot of previously-solicited comics in limbo.
A Dark Interlude

Henry Henry returns in A DARK INTERLUDE, a “not-quite-a-sequel” to Fearscape

Vault Comics has announced the new book with a statement from the plagiarist himself

The Marvel Retro Rundown: Jack Kirby’s MACHINE MAN proves that humanity is not just...

Jack Kirby's Machine Man makes it very clear that the measure of a man is more than just skin and bones.

REVIEW: NOT YOUR IDOL tackles teen trauma and the complexities of girlhood

Not Your Idol is a thrilling page-turner of a drama about the multiplicity of femininity and how people - and readers - see themselves.

Bookshop.org: Another way to save comics?

A timely initiative to sell books online and benefit indie bookstores is being adapted by a few comics shops.

SHUT IN THEATER: “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” – An Investigation

Is the phrase "Not all heroes wear capes" based on a fallacy? The Beat investigates.

ComicHub’s plan to save the comics industry is not going forward right now

  In the face of intense - and I mean INTENSE  - retailer backlash, the plan put forth by POS software ComicHub yesterday has been...

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