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Kickstarter Spotlight: Destination Fantastic! follows Dungeon Masters Satine Phoenix & Stefan Pokorny to the...

Destination Fantastic! will explore fabled origins of fantasy.

KICKSTARTER SPOTLIGHT: ‘Shots Fired’ anthology raises money for gun violence prevention

Comicker Press launches anti-gun violence Kickstarter campaign

KICKSTARTER SPOTLIGHT: KNIGHT & BEARD Creators Break Down the Top Five Moments of Volume...

In celebration of their wacky fantasy series' first Kickstarter, Tara Kurtzhals and Sarah Bollinger break down their favorite moments from KNIGHT & BEARD Volume #1

KickStarter Spotlight: Nerd Out is looking to be your one-stop pop culture itinerary maker.

Ever been the new guy in an unfamiliar place? Or have friends who don't really like going to cons? The Nerd Out app for...

Kickstarter Spotlight: Thomas Edison & Amelia Earheart take on Fritz Lang in THE TRUST...

Launching a new comic book IP is as arduous a task as it ever was, but today's creators have more tools at their disposal...

Kickstarter Spotlight: Supreme Team Takes on the Rise of Hip-Hop and Drug-Culture

Comics Beat contributor Seth Ferranti has had a long and storied past.  A writer well and truly familiar with life on the streets, Ferranti...

Kickstarter’s new Spotlight feature: an ongoing storefront for creators

A Kickstarter is a little like having a baby in only 31 days, You put all your efforts into the birth, but then what happens to the baby? Well now we'll get to see the kids grow up and go to school. Kickstarter is enabling creators to showcase more of what happens to projects after the initial funding ends with a new "Spotlight" feature. All creators with funded projects will now be able to manage the page to present a view of their work, with huge graphics, an inviting look, an attractive new timeline feature that can share the creator's story at a glance, and links that can go anywhere—so buy buttons and links to ongoing projects can be added.
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Kickstarter employees make waves with Union win

Employees get a seat at the bargaining table.

Which comics should make it into the ‘Best of Kickstarter’ anthology? You decide!

Nominations for the anthology can be submitted via Twitter until Friday.

C2E2 ’19: Spotlight on Iron Circus Comics

What's new at Iron Circus Comics?

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