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Coming Attractions: DC Announces New Graphic Novels for Fall and Winter 2017!

DC has released their list of 193 titles due to ship during next September to January. What's of interest?  I'll note them below, with covers...

Coming Attractions: DC Announces Lots of Cool Collections for the Holidays!

It's that time of year again...  DC announces their Fall trade titles! So... there's a lot of everything here...  Bombshells, Batman, Fight Club Suicide Squad,...

Coming Attractions: Marvel Announces New Titles for the 2016 Holidays and Box Office

As convention season goes from zero to 60 in a few weekends, publishers are announcing new titles, some shipping in a few months, some shipping...

Coming Attractions: DC Announces DC You Trades, Plus Lots of Classics for Early 2016!

Wonder Woman: Earth One! Absolute Matrix Helix! Absolute Vertigo! Elseworlds! Batman cosplaying as Superman!  (Is that a SPOILER?) Plus lots of the DC You titles! Will they sell well...

Coming Attractions: Marvel Announces Graphic Novels for Early 2016!

Civil War Box Set! (Shipping three months after Christmas. Yeah, it ties in with the movie, but why not offer it for Christmas? Has Marvel...

Dark Horse July 2015 Coming Attractions: Barb Wire #1, Unseen Frank Frazetta,The New Deal...

Dark Horse's July comics previews are out and here they are with Mignola, Kindt, the return of Barb Wire, The New Deal, a new graphic novel by Jonathan Case, the collected Astro Boy, the final book of Oh My Goddess and MORE. I haven't really looked at the Dark Horse line in a while, and they are putting out some good stuff.

Coming Attractions: Interlude

I'll be posting a list of gift books in the next few days, so I'm doing some research over on, sorting graphic novels...

Coming Attractions: Fall-Winter 2012: Fantagraphics, W.W. Norton, and Related Publishers

Eisner!  Swarte!  Hernandez!  Lou Reed!  Schulz!  Kelly!  Kubert!  Tardi!  Gottfredson!  Van Sciver!  Ryan!  Woodring!  Barks!  Sendak!  Bushmiller!  Everett!  Frazetta!  Davis!  Medley!  The Crumbs!  Wilson!...

Coming Attractions: Marvel: Fall-Winter 2012

This season's latest and greatest from the House of Ideas! I've highlighted a few, but feel free to let us know what you like, dislike,...

Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Abrams

______________________________________________________________ Abrams is back to their evil ways, publishing beautiful books about comics and pop culture, as well as fun comics for kids of all...

Coming Attractions: Disney: Fall – Winter 2013

______________________________________________________________ A quick list of non-Marvel titles being offered by Disney Publishing Worldwide. Rick Riordan, a unique sketchbook, a Tim Burton graphic novel, and Marvel U,...

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