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INTERVIEW: LOVECRAFT COUNTRY cast talk connecting with characters and dark horror

For its ten-week run, HBO's Lovecraft Country was the show that dominated Sunday night television and Twitter discussions. Audiences were caught up in the...
Strange Case

Recap: LOVECRAFT COUNTRY S1E5 — “Strange Case”

Loving yourself and being in love with yourself isn't the same thing. When you're told that who you are, and what you look like...
A History of Violence

Recap: LOVECRAFT COUNTRY S1E4 — “A History of Violence”

Sitting in the dark, Montrose listens to a radio telecast warning citizens to be wary and prepare to "defeat the reds" by destroying their...
Lovecraft Country s1e3

Recap: LOVECRAFT COUNTRY S1E3 — “Holy Ghost”

Lovecraft Country S1E3 "Holy Ghost" begins solemnly with the image of Leti sitting still and devastated in church while everyone around her is dancing,...

INTERVIEW: Michael K. Williams on LOVECRAFT COUNTRY and vulnerability amongst Black men

Actor Michael K. Williams discusses what he hopes viewers take from LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, and how it fits in to his larger body of work.
Lovecraft Country ep 2 #2

Recap: LOVECRAFT COUNTRY S1E2 — “Whitey’s On The Moon”

After facing days of white people shouting racial slurs, chasing them out of sundown towns, and nearly being shot by monsters, and eaten by...
jurnee smollett

INTERVIEW: Jurnee Smollett on how LOVECRAFT COUNTRY will change the genre forever

With Lovecraft Country well underway and a plethora of secrets yet to be unlocked at the center of this family drama, The Beat spoke...

Recap: LOVECRAFT COUNTRY S1E1 — “Sundown”

War and strife are as American as apple pie, or maybe even more so, for America and her soldiers have always been embroiled in...
johnathan majors

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Majors shares what makes LOVECRAFT COUNTRY a standout

With the premiere of Lovecraft Country tonight, Jonathan Majors (The Last Black Man in San Francisco) should be prepared for his continued rise to...

INTERVIEW: Misha Green on LOVECRAFT COUNTRY and the intersection of blackness and horror

The series premieres on HBO this Sunday.

The cast of HBO’s LOVECRAFT COUNTRY discuss the upcoming horror series

The cast of the show spoke about the '50s-set series, and how much - and how little - has changed for Black Americans since then.

INTERVIEW: Michael Watson talks remixing Lovecraftian horror in ITHAQA

What if Lovecraft’s protagonists didn’t have to go it alone?

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