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31 Days of Halloween: this year, the true horror is political costumes, but Wonder Woman is #1


friendly folks at ebates*** recently sent over a survey about what people will be dressing up as for Halloween. Although “Sassy Rick Grimes” was not among the costumes,  neither was that Donald Trump mask that seemed so funny last year. And dressing up is a bit less popular then in past years, as well:

What we learned:

  • Americans are generally split—54% will attend a Halloween party and 46% won’t
    • 44% of adult men and 44% of adult women plan to attend a Halloween costume party
  • When it comes to which types of costumes Americans most enjoy seeing on Halloween, funny costumes are the winners (56%). This is followed by scary costumes (46%), movie/TV show characters (41%) and classic costumes (38%)
    • Political figures is the costume Americans least want to see (14%)
    • The majority of both women (61%) and men (49%) agree that they most enjoy seeing funny costumes
    • More women (41%) enjoy seeing superhero costumes than men (37%)
    • Baby boomers (55+) (18%) enjoy seeing political figure costumes the most over any other age group
    • Millennials (age 18-34) (44%) enjoy seeing classic costumes like a clown, witch, princess over any other age group

 ***Warning the link will ask you to sign up for the site!

According to Google’ “Freitgeist” tool, the most popular costumes for the year is Wonder Woman, a nice evolution from Harley Quinn. But Harley was #2 so no change there.


Follwing this the most popular costumes are generic

3. Clown
4. Unicorn
5. Rabbit
6. Witch
7. Mouse
8. Pirate
9. Zombie
10. Dinosaur

Some pretty broad goals, there, America.

The Google site has lots of other tools for costumes and data if you want to poke around.

BTW, I wasn’t joking about Sassy Rick Grimes.


Of course that’s not as bad as the “Saucy Anne Frank” costume that Halloween Costumes briefly offered before the last surviving shred of dignity society possesses caused its removal.

What are you going as? Saucy mouse or sexy unicorn?





  1. Exactly .. you are right Halloween costumes looks more awesome when it is funny. Everyone search the best for them to look the best one among all. I also have completed my Halloween shopping and just dying to wear those costumes. Well Halloween is about to come and i wish i could look good in my costume. What are your plans to wear this Halloween 2017..

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