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31 Days of Halloween Supplemental: Happy All Souls Day



I’ll tell you a real horror story: my main computer had to go to the shop because the graphics card was shot. My backup is an old MacBook Air with only 2 gb of memory and I foolishly decided to upgrade to Sierra. Trust me on this: you cannot run Sierra on 2gbs of memory. I spent ALL DAY Halloween trying to make a Mavericks install USB all the while dealing with the endless spinning beachball. When I finally got it figured out, I got an email that my old computer was ready! But too late to pick  it up!

(PS: My computer is back already and the spellcheck works now, you’ll all be thrilled to know.)

Anyway, now all is well, but I missed out on 24 hours of Halloween, my favorite day of the year.  Since we still have All Souls Day (Nov. 1) and Dia de los Muertos to get through, here’s a little of what you missed.

Study Group had their annual Halloween Haunting with some good stuff:

WITCHES – by Jesse Tise

Zeta Reticulans – by Ramón Sierra


Split-Level – by Ian Sundahl

Skeleton Gallery – by Kate Lacour

Apple Spider – by Vanessa and Patrick KecDaddy – by Josh Simmons & James Romberger

The Games We Played – Ryan King & Daryl Toh

Steganographia – by Josh Burggraf

The Jaundiced Eye – by Tyler Landry

Factory by William Cardini

And some treats from Twitter and around:


#inktober 31st and all done. have a hell of a halloween #carrie

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