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31 Days of Halloween: Nightworld: A Gothic Treasure


The comic miniseries Nightworld is a saga of psychodramas between cunning devils, gross monsters, and the inner demons of regret of lost love. It’s a monster mash-up horror movie romance with slapstick gags, which your whole pack of bad wolf friends will howl over.

The story stars anti-hero Plenilunio, who was transformed into a hell spawn in a bargain with the Empyre, a corporate purgatory that promises great powers in shady deals. He is seeking the mystic energy to awaken his lover, Lidia from a mysterious walking trance.  He competes with other Empyre alums, the hellishly hip Hotspot and the ruthless Hellena, in an adventure of ambiguous agendas and shifting alliances. Plenilunio is the archetypal “goth” hero, but with an optimistic spin — he will take any darkness upon himself for those he wishes to protect, but tries to let none of it into himself — but the darkness sometimes ends up in control.

The creators of Nightworld have quite list of credentials.  It’s written by comics specialist Adam McGovern (writer of the Ignatz-nominated Dr. Id, and contributor to the Eisner-nominated Project: Romantic as well as Image Comics’ Next Issue Project, the popular indie-comic newspapers Pood and Magic Bullet, and stories on Dean Haspiel’s Trip City and the HiLoBrow site); created and drawn by Paolo Leandri (Adam’s collaborator on Dr. Id, Idoru Jones and Pood as well as his own Italian sci-fi and horror anthology work), and colored by Dom Regan (who did most of Paul Pope’s NY Times best-selling One Trick Rip-Off as well as signature work on the pre-New 52 Superboy and many others).

Nightworld has been praised in the comics, film, book and theater worlds. The list of well-known Nightworld enthusiasts includes Ann Nocenti, Amy Reeder, Greg Pak, Mark Waid, Junot Diaz, and Francesco Francavilla.

The creators of Nightworld are fundraising with their Kickstarter campaign until Oct. 7. Their goal is $8,000 to pay for production of its first, 4-issue self-contained miniseries. Thank you gifts for donations range from digital copies of the whole first 4-issue collection, to special amulets and original art. Seek them out and support this gothic treasure.


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