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31 Days of Halloween: Madame Frankenstein


The Bride of Frankenstein is one of the enduring archetypes of horror. Invented by James Whale in the immortal film The Bride of Frankenstein, and played with hissing horror by Elsa Lanchester, she symbolizes the essential isolation of the Modern Prometheus—even with a mate specially created for him, the Creature receives nothing but rejection.

Write Jamie Rich and artist Megan Levens have reinvented the character in Madame Frankenstein, a seven-issue series from Image Comics. Six issues are out and the 7th drops on November 5th, with the trade due in February. Interior art is by Levens and letters by Crank. The covers, seen here, are by Joëlle Jones and Nick Filardi.

The covers are, as you can see, gender swapper versions of classic situations as experienced by Madame Frankenstein. In this version of the tale, Vincent Krall manages to bring his lover back to life to create the perfect woman…but things go…awry.




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