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24 Hours of Halloween: Night Post


If you thought the post office was scary, wait until you see Night Post by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder. It’s about a midnight postal service that delivers mail to the creatures of the night. And what happens when they find out it’s just junk mail? You don’t want to find out.

‘Night Post started from my longstanding childhood belief that midnight is a special hour, and strange things can happen as it strikes,’ Read tells us. The story of our beleaguered Postie has offered a wonderful chance for me and Laura to explore our mutual love of the spookier side of things, whilst having a great deal of fun at the same time. Building the world of the Night Post and then watching Laura bring it to life or, in some cases, death, and layer it with the most painstaking details – watch out for the Infinitesimal Animals – has been brilliant.’

The book will be released in the UK by Improper Books on November 12 via supporting independent retailers, such as Gosh! (London), Orbital Comics (London), and Page 45 (Nottingham).


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