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21 Days of Halloween: Skottie Young


For our 21 days of Halloween celebration, Stephen Gettis reminded us of his Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!!! blog in which cartoonists imagine famous authors and works of lit. Mucho Halloween appropriate art there, including stuff by Bissette, Mignola/Zulli (who both did Dracula) and Eric Powell (Jabberwocky), and a fair share of Lovecrafts, Poes, and others.

But we found this image of The Lord of the Flies by Skottie Young the most bone-chilling. Perhaps you’ll agree?

Young’s latest work is the best-selling adaptation of THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ with Eric Shanower. You can see much more spooky stuff at his blog in the above link.

  1. Mmmm… Peguin Putnam, sign him up! Skottie Young’s style is perfect for a story about innocent schoolboys who show their true evil natures!

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