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2010 Webcomic List Award Winners


The winners of the 2010 Webcomics List Award have been announced — fittingly — in a webcomic. Winners were chosen by a panel of judges:

Although there is not a text list of winners, Brigid Alverson at Robot 6 made a print list:

Best Writing: xkcd

  • Best Colour Art: Dresden Codak
  • Best Black and White Webcomic: The Abominable Charles Christopher
  • Best Non-Traditional Art: Romantically Apocalyptic
  • Best Character: Cleo, from Cleopatra in Space
  • Best Long Form Webcomic: The Abominable Charles Christopher
  • Best Gag-a-Day Webcomic: Bug
  • Best New Comic: Scenes from a Multiverse
  • Best Comic: Red’s Planet

  • Congrats to all — but especially nice to see The Abominable Charles Christopher continue to get recognition.

    1. I remember when the nominees came out and Questionable Content’s Jeph Jacques acted like a complete jackass wiping his bum with the sole idea of being nominated. Granted, the whole notion of the awards might be a wee bit silly, but it was no reason to act like a jerk.

    2. @ Julián Gutiérrez: Unassailable ego and the skill of surrounding yourself with sychophants who won’t call you out on that sort of thing is what separates the webcomics elite from the plebeians.

      Personally, I’d be happy if they ditch the embarrassing awards ceremony. Maybe drawing something that sings the praises of each nominee, showing why they’re worthy of the honor and trying to lead traffic to each comic?

      Nah! Let’s have the characters from an unknown webcomic argue “amusingly” instead!

    3. Being one of the nominees for Best-Non-Traditional Art myself I can partly second what William George wrote about the awards ceremony.

      Only partly because:
      a) I think that some of the presentations were very well done (Best Longform for example.)

      b) The award ceremony is done in this way due to the fact that the organisers of The Webcomic List Awards try to establish the awards as the successor of the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards which run from 2001 to 2008 but seem to be not longer in existence.

    4. @William George: Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that way. QC is a fine comic, but God Damn if his author isn’t an unsufferable jerk.

      I think the whole ‘awards ceremony as a webcomic’ thing is tremendously embarassing. I mean, The Eisners aren’t announced via a comic with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne MC-ing, right? A nice press release or blog post with the awards or, God Forbid, an actual ceremony with the creators would help online comics in getting the legitimacy they so sorely need.

    5. Thank you Arne (or Eric) for the kind words about the presentation I wrote.

      I think one thing you guys are forgetting is that the Eisners, Harveys, Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes and so on are all supported by grants and collections from professional associations and so one.

      The Webcomics List Awards were done for free with an all volunteer army of judges, web professionals, artists and writers.

      Also, this is the second year. It’s been less than 500 days since these awards were created. I actually volunteered to financially support the purchase and shipping of actual trophies this year (as a sponsorship) and to put it simply… the idea was shot down because the awards are so new no one thought an award design could be agreed upon in time to have them ready for the actual presentation this year.

      I still say that an awards for webcomics by webcomics is better than nothing. The one category they have for on line comics at the Harvey’s and Eisner’s frankly feels like a bone the old guard tossed out to get the new kids off their back. No on line comics are ever considered for any of their other categories and the nominees for last years Harvey’s were a joke. Several of the comics were off line or have not updated since the awards.

      I am sorry some of you are “Embarrassed” by the way the awards are presented. I think if they go on and improve over the next few years I could see real awards and an actual presentation. But these things take time.

      So my advice to you is that if you are really that bothered by it stop whining, roll up your sleeves and get involved.

      That’s what I did. And I enjoyed it.

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