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2010 Shuster Award winners


Saturday saw the presentation of the 6th Annual Joe Shuster Awards, honoring the finest in Canadian comics. And the winners are:


* Stuart Immonen – Ultimate Spider-Man 130-133, New Avengers 55-60, Fantastic Four 569 (Marvel), The CBLDF Presents Liberty Comics 2 – “Trampoline Hall” (Image Comics)


* Michel Rabagliati – Paul, tome 06: Paul à Québec (La Pastèque)

Colourist/Dessinateur Couleur

* Nathan Fairbairn – Amazing Spider-Man #605, Dark Reign: The List – X-Men #1, Dark X-Men: The Confession #1 (Cover), Guardians of the Galaxy #16, 18-19, House of M: Masters of Evil #1, Marvel Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1, Nation X #1, Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1-2, Timestorm 2009-2099: Spider-Man, War of Kings: Warriors #2, Wolverine #72, Wolverine: Origins #32, Wolverine: Weapon X #6-8, X-Factor #39-50, 200 (Variant) (Cover), X-Factor #45, X-Men: Kingbreaker #2-4, X-Men Origins: Gambit #1 (Marvel Comics), Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #4-5 (Oni Press)


* Maryse Dubuc – Les nombrils, tome 04: Duels de belles (Dupuis)


* Darwyn Cooke – Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter (IDW)

Webcomics/Bandes Dessinées Web


* La Pastèque www.lapasteque.com

• The Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Retailer /Le Prix Harry Kremer pour Détaillant Exceptionnel Canadien de Bandes Dessinées

* The Beguiling (Toronto, ON) www.beguiling.com

The Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing:

* Ethan Rilly: Pope Hats No. 1

Comics for Kids / Bandes Dessinées pour Enfants

* Nightschool: The Weirn Books Vol. 1-2 – Svetlana Chmakova (Yen Press)

Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame / Temple de la renommée Créateur Canadien de Bandes Dessinées

* RICHARD COMELY (co-creator and publisher – CAPTAIN CANUCK, COMELY COMIX)

* DAVE DARRIGO (Writer & Publisher – SPECIAL STUDIO)


* SERGE GABOURY (Cartoonist & Animator)



  1. Congratulations to all of the winners!

    As usual, in the course of the work that we do behind-the-scenes we get to look at and discuss some amazing comics and graphic novels.

    One of the things that became evident in the course of the jury deliberations is just how much amazing work is coming from the bande dessinée creators and publishers based in Quebec and the self-publishers and webcomics creators across Canada. We are definitely in the middle of a creative renaissance.

    That renaissance was particularly evident in the categories of Outstanding Cartoonist and
    Outstanding Webcomics Creator / Creative Team. Cartoonists like Seth, Darwyn Cooke, Michel Rabagliati, Bryan Lee O’Malley and Jeff Lemire are producing some of the best comics in the world. Ditto for webcomics creators like Karl Kerschl, Kate Beaton, Rene Engstrom and Steve Wolfhard. Do yourself a favour (with an extra u because they are Canadian) and check them out if you haven’t already!

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