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2009: Those who left us


A brief tribute to some of the cartoonists and pop-culture related deaths during the last 12 months:

Bob May

Ricardo Montalban

Patrick McGoohan

John Updike

John Carbonaro

Rod Gilchrist

Andrew “Test” Martin

José González

Anne Cleveland

Frank Springer

Bea Arthur

David Carradine

Patrick Swayze

Ric Estrada

Dave Simons

Mitsuharu Misawa

Jaime Diaz

Michael Jackson

Ellie Frazetta

Heinz Edelmann

Captain Lou Albano

Bernie Fuchs

Yoshito Usui

Rusty Haller

Rich Hafstead

George Tuska

Shel Dorf

Ken Krueger

Sonny Trinidad

Irving Tripp

David Levine

Roy Disney

Dan O’Bannon

Andrew Wyeth

Brittany Murphy


  1. Very touching to see them listed all in one place. I was especially saddened by the death of Ric Estrada on a personal level, as he had been very kind to me at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con.

    One note: I believe the Lost in Space B-9 Robot actor was Bob May, not John May.

  2. Thanks for the tributes. One note regarding Roy Disney. The image being used is a statue of his father, Roy O. Disney, who passed away in the early 70s.

  3. A tough year for the entertainment industries…

    This and other such lists have certainly given me pause and brought me face to face with my own mortality.

    I will certainly cherish each day just a little more in 2010…

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