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2008 WB Movie Spectacular


Warner Bros. released many stills from upcoming 2008, and in case you have missed them, here they are. Click thumbs for bigger pix!


GET SMART with Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway.

SPEED RACER! This looks to be the TRON of the Aughts.

BTW, have you seen the trailer? Triptastic.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE directed by Spike Jonze!

And last but not least, dear, dear Gerard Butler in ROCKNROLLA with Thandie Newton.

  1. Batman’s new costume is flipping hideous – well, apart from the cowl – but Joker looks jerst rayt.

    Speed Racer looks brill-o. I bet the IMAX will kill more people than it saves, though.


  2. A Bat-cycle looks much more practical for urban movement than the Bat-Tumbler of the last movie. Heck, the whole Batmobile thing seems silly to me as a New York native for 20+ years… Batman’d need something to get over traffic not get stuck in traffic when fighting crime!

  3. Man, Speed Racer looks way better than I thought it would. Seems like they’re not shying away from the kid and monkey in the back trunk all the time. Good for them. Visuals are great too.

    As for the bat cycle…whatever. I didn’t think much of the early pics of the bat tumbler and in the final movie it was kinda neat. The Joker looks great. Creepy.

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