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Ratatouille won for Best Animated Film.

No one cared.

BTW, the WGA strike — which killed the Golden Globes — has entered a significant phase as the DGA — which represents the directors — enters into negotiations with the AMPTP. What does it mean? As always, Mark Evanier explains.


  1. I’m not holding my breath for anything significant to come out of the DGA/AMPTP talks… First, I believe the DGA understands what’s at stake with digital/new media. It’s where this entire industry’s distribution is headed and all the Guilds (including SAG, whom they fear above all else) either have to establish fair jurisdiction or face future doom. It’s that simple.

    Secondly, I don’t believe the WGA will ever vote to approve a deal that, while acceptable for directors, doesn’t address writers’ concerns. We’ve already read unofficial quotes by the Producers/Studios alliance referring to how they don’t plan to negotiate seriously with the writers as they expect to make a deal they favor with directors… then cram it down the other Guilds’ throats.

    I see our strike lasting a year at this point. It’s truly a shame that management won’t bargain in good faith. It’s worse that they won’t bargain with us at all… which is exactly what’s been going on for the overwhelming majority of this strike. I want to go back to work… back to working… back to looking for more of it in the movie industry which I love. But being on strike for a while and knowing with every fiber of your being that you’re right, they’re completely wrong and that so many people are hurting over it makes a creative type think dark, private things… I want more scalps at this point. The Globes was a good start. I expect we’re taking down the Oscars next. By the time we get to shutting down the next SPIDER-MAN and HARRY POTTER sequels, the fallout should be palpable and influential to management taking us seriously.

    And if you believe I really want that stuff you’re missing the joke.

    But we haven’t been marching in the cold for nothing. I see nothing but solidarity amongst the ranks.

  2. Actually, the “threat” of no award shows is yet another reason to be thankful for the writer’s strike. If we’re lucky, we’ll also miss the Academy Awards as well…..and all of it’s attendant blathering and fawning.

    Keep it going, writers!

  3. …and, um, more to the point, Ratatouille won because it was the least boring and pointless of three boring and pointless movies. No amount of brilliant animation can cover up for a bad story and that was Ratatouille.

    Bring on Wall-E and lets hope for the best.