Demand is high fir the next MoCCA Art festival…but you can still get on the waitlist.

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art today announced that exhibitor space has sold out for the 2007 MoCCA Art Festival to be held June 23-24 at the Puck Building (295 Lafayette Street at Houston) in New York City. “Even with all the extra tables we added upstairs this year, the space still sold out faster than ever before,” says 2007 MoCCA Art Festival Director Derrick Kennelty-Cohen. Faced with an unprecedented flood of exhibitor applications for the 160 ground-level exhibitor tables originally offered, 2007 MoCCA-Fest organizers had announced in mid-November that they were adding several dozen exhibitor tables by converting the seventh floor ballroom from lecture hall into exhibitor space. Now, less than two months later, all those additional tables have been snapped up as well.

Applications for Waitlist Accepted

According to MoCCA-Fest Exhibitor Relations Manager Jeremy Hughes, MoCCA will continue to accept 2007 exhibitor applications (still available for download at for several more weeks. Applicants will be placed on the 2007 Exhibitor Waitlist while Hughes and Kennelty-Cohen “tinker around with different layouts for the seventh floor that could [make it possible to] squeeze in a few extra tables here or there.” For artists, collectives or publishers on the Waitlist, Hughes offers hope by noting that “there’s always at least some movement off the Waitlist.”

2007 MoCCA-Fest Biggest and Best?

With reservations in hand for a total of more than 214 exhibitor tables (a 33% increase compared to 2006), the 2007 MoCCA Art Festival is already guaranteed to be the museum’s biggest ever and, according to Kennelty-Cohen, offers a star-studded and diverse guest list that may very well make it the best Festival ever as well. Scheduled exhibitors and panelists for the 2007 MoCCA-Fest include Jessica Abel, AdHouse Books, Jeffrey Brown, CBLDF, Center for Cartoon Studies, Becky Cloonan, Evan Dorkin, Drawn & Quarterly, Sarah Dyer, Fantagraphics, Fred Hembeck, Friends of Lulu, Kaiju Big Battel, Hope Larson, Dan Nadel, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Ted Rall, Bill Sienkiewicz, Raina Telgemeier, Top Shelf, and Brian Wood, among many others.


  1. It may be time for this show to look at a NYC hotel or to look at the Meadowlands Exposition Center. That is alot of exhibitors at an event.

  2. > It may be time for this show to look at a NYC hotel or to look at the
    > Meadowlands Exposition Center.

    Well, I can certainly forsee a time in the near future where the MoCCA Arts Festival moves to a new venue, but I gotta believe there’d be some New York options before it goes to the Meadowlands. Nothing ‘gainst the MEC, but part of MoCCA’s “brand” (not just the Arts Festival, but also the Museum itself) is so tied with it’s New York-ness (and its kinda/sorta lower Manhattan-ness at that) that it’d be a pity if the show decamped to New Jersey quite yet…