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Spider-Man Solo Film Gets a Title…Baby He’s Coming Home


Spider-Man’s debut in the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer was an incredibly modern take on the wise-cracking webslinger.  His costume was both more vibrant and more mechanical than it’s been portrayed in past films, and Tom Holland’s brief appearance left audiences wanting more.

That said, it looks like Marvel and Sony are taking it way way back when it comes to Holland’s first solo ride as Spider-Man.  Last night at CinemaCon, the companies jointly announced Spider-Man: Homecoming, a new film with a meta title and a retro logo that looks like it jumped straight out of the silver age.

The new movie will be directed by Jon Watts, who previously directed Clown and Cop Car.  Academy Award-winning actress Marisa Tomei is slated to play Aunt May, which means it’s time for another re-watch of My Cousin Vinny.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theaters on July 7th, 2017.


  1. I’m looking forward to this movie, very much, but…

    After a string of picture perfect logos, this one is pretty damned ugly.

  2. That logo has all the charm and dynamics of a Hallmark greeting card.

    This movie is going to have to be pretty terrific to overcome some challenging hurdles:

    – That ugly, patchwork logo.

    – Putting Peter back in high school again does feel like reboot territory.

    – Tying him into the crowded MCU from the start takes away the best parts of the original Spider-Man (for me) which was the hero who felt all alone in the world.

    – “From the director of Clown’ doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence.

    – No J.K. Simmons as JJJ!

    – Marisa Tomei as Aunt May?! Then, I guess Tobey Maguire is almost old enough to play Uncle Ben. (Though, if 50 is now considered of age for Peter’s aunt and uncle, Kyle Chandler would be a good choice.)

  3. The original cast was excellent. All of them! The idea that after the third movie flopped (which had nothing to do with the cast) that they should reboot the entire thing and throw the baby out with the bath water was absurd And it’s ruined this franchise (so far.)

  4. “And it’s ruined this franchise”

    No, the fact that Amazing Spider-man 1 and 2 sucked (and Spider-man 3) is what ruined the franchise.

    If any of them were worth a shit, no one would be whining like you are.

  5. Intelligent analysis of what went wrong with the Amazing Spider-Man movies.

    “Is this a modern Spider-Man (who inspirationally skateboards to Coldplay like all the cool kids do these days) or some kind of old fashioned throwback (Peter Parker takes pictures with an ancient film camera instead of his phone)? Is it a retread of the same old Spider-Man origin or is it really going to do bold new things with the character? Is Peter Parker a wisecracking dork or a James Dean-style (or, if you’re feeling less generous, Luke Perry-style) introverted brooder? The answers to all these questions shift from scene to scene.”


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