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1500 more chances to go to Comic-Con


While badges are long sold out, there are still a few chances to get into this year’s San Diego Comic-Con; about 1500 badges have been refunded and will go on sale via an announcement on Twitter, Facebook and RSS. In addition, a pricing change has been made to make buying tickets more equitable:

A number of attendees have brought to our attention the fact that many people purchasing 4-day badges are not planning to attend all four days, while many people who want to attend all four days are forced to buy single-day badges at a higher price. In response, Comic-Con will no longer be offering a discount for 4-day badge purchases. Instead, a 4-day badge and four single-day badges will be the same price. We hope that this change will encourage people to purchase only the days they will actually be attending, leaving additional badges for others who want to attend Comic-Con.

A 4-day adult badge without Preview Night will be sold at the non-discounted rate of $137 that includes a $6 reprocessing fee. Junior, Senior, and Military 4-day badges without Preview Night will be sold at the non-discounted rate of $68 each. You may purchase up to TWO 4-day badges only.

Last year the con doled the badges out over a period of weeks — this time, it’s going to be one big sale.

  1. All the four day badges are already gone. However, it seems some single day passes will be available soon.

    The site says keep an eye on twitter when the passes go on sale.

  2. I am so sick and tired of missing out on stuff because of other people’s screwups. I went to the comic-con website and the twitter page about twenty minutes before passes went on sale. There was nothing, not a single word aobut tickets going on sale. The latest twitter message was that one about the instructions page. So I check in about forty minutes later and the dang button is green, and the website says that tickets have been on sale for the past twenty minutes. Total bullcrap. There was no 1-hour warning as promised. I don’t have a twitter account, so does that mean I’m on a delay or something? I was there. No warning message anywhere to be seen.

    The 1-hour warning should have been posted to the comic-con website, not twitter or facebook or any other crap like that.

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