Hey Heidi, do you happen to know how the comics market is split—like mainstream vs “indie” vs Scholastic etc? I’m partly curious how mainstream the mainstream is. I remember reading months ago about Raina Telgemeier’s massive success with Scholastic and I know many of the big names in graphic novels (e.g. Craig Thompson, Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, etc) have been with traditionally non-comics publishers. Thanks!

Are you talking actual numbers? If you cobble together the Diamond numbers 


And the Bookscan numbers:


you get some view of it. Also, ICv2 put out an infographic recently that goes like this:

So as you can see — comics $510 mil, Book channel $245 mil. 

Also in you crunch the two charts, you’ll see that certain books — kids books, literary graphic memoirs — do much better in book stores and on Amazon. 

All back of the envelope stuff but it’s a start. 

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