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100 Bullets headed to small screen with Goyer


David Goyer, co-creator of Flash Forward and the regular story collaborator with Chris Nolan on DARK KNGHT and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is looking to produce 100 BULLETS as a TV series for Showtime.

The acclaimed Vertigo series by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso won numerous awards and established itself as a comics classic with the set-up of morality tales surrounding an overall conspiracy, following Agent Graves, a man who offered people who had been wronged the chance to set things right with 100 untraceable bullets. It was adapted for a video game which never came out due to Acclaim’s bankruptcy and has been on a short list of comics that would make great TV shows for a while now. With his Hollywood clout and track record, Goyer would seem to be an ideal person to bring it to the small screen.

  1. Great news– and its about bloody time– congratulations to Azz, Risso, Dennis, Trish, and all involved. One of the best series of the past 15 years.

  2. Nice to see this going foward. DC/ WB should look at more of their non Big 2 cape stories for possible tv shows.
    They have a vast enough stable of stories. Perhaps some would make better tv shows than full length films, with tv giving the story time to develop and a wide audience a chance to catch on. Hope it’s a success.

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