Youth uses Wolverine claws to injure comrade

Here’s a new one for the comics-related crime blotter: A Utah teen has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he used replica Wolverine claws to attack a friend.

No one knows why Kristofer Ryan Huff, 19, set into his 20-year-old roommate with the claws….and also a knife. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that the victim was dating Huff’s mother, who was also injured in the attack.

The victim ended up with injuries to his head, arm and thigh, presumably long slashes of the kind a weapon that goes “Snikt” would make.

Will replica Wolverine claws now be banned? They don’t seem to be too hard to buy, although one guesses they are generally sold for cosplay purposes, not mayhem.


  1. Monetta says

    It was probably like that scene in Pulp Fiction, where Bruce Willis was looking around the pawn shop for something to kill them with.

    Baseball bat, nah. Chainsaw? No. He we go, Wolverine claws!!!

  2. Internet Comic Nerd says

    Cosplayers are sick people that should have their head examined.

  3. Glenn Simpson says

    Surely in a world where household knives are readily available, nobody is going to decide that this is such an elevated weapon that it needs to be controlled.

  4. b.t.t.c. says

    Just another reason why all sharp objects should be banned. WHEN WILL WE LEARN??? (Just kidding, sort of. Obviously the Batman-shooter should not have been able to attain an arsenal so rapidly or easily.)

    Also, Marvel should push all of their Wolverine comics that have claws in them back a month. Or maybe just pushback the ones who have diva creators working on them and are thus falling behind schedule after issue #3 anyway.

  5. jonboy says

    “Perhaps it had to do with the fact that the victim was dating Huff’s mother…”

    yes. perhaps.

  6. Snikt Snakt says

    Roommate your age dating your mother > being attacked w/Wolverine claws

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