Youngster funds third world relief via joy of comics

200703011143The headline says it all:
Comic book pays for buffalo.

For one year, 10-year-old Adam Ahrens saved every nickel, dime and quarter he could get his hands on.

Adam also wrote and illustrated a comic book to sell to friends and family members. Eventually he came up with the $750 he needed.

But he wasn’t saving for a new bike or a top-of-the-line video games console. No, instead he bought a water buffalo.

Fortunately for his parents, the water buffalo won’t be living with them.

With the help of Mississauga-based World Vision, the animal will be bought in India and given to a needy family there. That family can use the water buffalo to plough fields, plant crops, puddle rice fields, harvest, pump water and haul carts. The animal’s milk is also a source of protein for children.

But will these children have access to the inspiring characters and entertaining adventures to be found in the Virgin Comics line? Methinks young Adam’s work has only begun.

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  1. Hopefully World Vision is not the same organization that advertises it as “buying a buffalo for a needy family” but does not buy an actual buffalo or select an actual family, but rather puts all the money into a general fund for helping people. Not that this makes it less admirable of the boy, or of the organization, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

    (And even a non-buffalo giving organization can inspire amazing charity.)

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