You Must See This: Johnny Canuck

johnny canuck 33 You Must See This: Johnny Canuck

Via Superitch, an example of Canada’s WWII comics efforts, in the shape of a complete Johnny Canuck story. This red-blooded adventurer was created by artist Leo Bachle when he was only 15, so cut the kid some slack.

We would give a lot to have a larger image of this cover, but alas, the internet has failed us. THAT’S how special Johnny Canuck is.

jcanuckx You Must See This: Johnny Canuck


  1. Al™ says:

    These old black and whites are fascinating. They were drawn by teenagers, at a time due to WW2 restrictions, (long story made short) American comics were not being shipped to Canada. For this reason, there was a short term opportunity in the Canadian market to produce some domestic product. The comics disappeared when comic shipping resumed after the war.

    I would love to see a collection of these Golden Age comics. As the blogger mentions, they are rare. Most Canadians under the age of say, 80, have never heard of these black and white comics, let alone seeing one.

  2. That’s not actually a cover, but a postage stamp that was issued in the mid-90s celebrating Canadian superheroes (most of whom were pretty obscure, even in Canada).

    The whole set can be seen here:

  3. Here’s something you should look out for:

    Ty Templeton and friends are currently reviving a number of characters made popular in the Canadian Whites for the series NORTHERN GUARD, being published by Moonstone Comics. Issue 1 debuts in November. Johnny Canuck is featured in the series, which also promises “never before seen reprints of classic tales from the Golden Age.”

  4. “Your majesty”?

    Holy loyalist pandering, Batman!

  5. Johnny Canuck? What about…The Penguin! Yes, there was actually a crime fighter dressed in a black and white tux with…a penguin mask, long beak and all, that brought fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere! Can’t wait to see these reprints.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

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