Would you like to go to Comic-Con?

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Some tickets were available for Sunday –aka Brain-dead Zombie Day — when last we checked! But hurry!


  1. Gary Dunaier says

    Sunday is still listed on their website as available as of 9.55am New York time 7/16.

    Guess selling returned memberships via Ebay, which they did last year, didn’t work out for them so they’re going the direct route this time.

  2. says

    sunday’s an excellent day to go – more kids running around and such, but you can’t beat some of the good deals booths offer on the last day.

  3. michael says

    just checked, 7/16 at 8:18PM and Sunday is still open.

    So….the game is still going on? O.o

    I might have a chance to win!! :)

  4. Gary Dunaier says

    zik, as of 12.40am New York time Sat 7/17 Sunday tickets are still listed on their website as available.

  5. Gary Dunaier says

    This may be big news to some, it sure surprised me… apparently, not only are tickets for SATURDAY available at the SDCC website (in addition to Sunday), but so are 4-DAY MEMBERSHIPS (without preview night)!

    I was “going through the motions” as far as I could without actually making a commitment to buy, and that’s how I found out 4-day passes could still be had. Once you get to “Step 3 – Conference Packages” in the online purchase process, 4-day passes in all their pricing levels (adult, junior, senior/military) have radio buttons in the “Select One” column, not the expected “THIS SELECTION IS SOLD OUT!” status.

    This information is current as of approximately 9.45am NYC time Monday, July 19.

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