Wondercon Announcements: Spider-Man and Punisher

By Todd Allen

Spinning out of the Spider-Man panel at Wondercon, we have two announcements: the next Spidey arc (and villain) and a Punisher mini-series that’s a bit different from the monthly.

First up, the next arc in Amazing Spider-Man will be called “Spider-Man: No Going Back.”  It starts in Amazing Spider-Man #688 (June) and concerns the return of the Lizard and what everybody’s favorite mammal-hater has been working on in the background, the last few months.  Michael Morbius (of Living Vampire fame) will also be turning up and… it just never goes smoothly when someone’s trying to cure Curt Connors of his Lizard affliction, does it?

Giuseppe Camuncoli is the artist joining regular Spidey scribe Dan Slott for the arc.

Next up, we have the July premiere of Space: Punisher, a 4-issue mini-series where Frank Castle makes his mission of vengeance more inclusive – Punishment: It’s not just for Earthlings any more, so to speak.

The mini-series will be written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Mark Texeira.  Texeira hasn’t done a lot of interior art in recent years and it’s nice to see him back in the fold.

You probably would like to see some art?



  1. TEX doing more Punisher does sound fun, actually.

  2. James says:

    Tieri has yet to impress me with anything hes done. Its average at best. So I’ll be passing on that. If it was Rucka – I’d be there!

  3. Dennis V. says:

    Texeira? Yay! Tieri? Sigh!

  4. Well, there’s my new iPhone wallpaper, thanks Tex!

  5. Punisher: Space? At last a refreshing new concept from the house of retreaded ideas. They can fool as many new readers as they like. Their target market.

  6. It’s not a matter of fooling the audience per se, it’s a matter of taking advantage of their audience’s short attention spans.

  7. THE PUNISHER IN SSSSPPPPAAAAACCCCEEE!!!!!!! will he be teaming up with rocket raccoon? other punsiher concepts marvel might come up with: punisher takes over hell, the punisher leads the avengers, the punisher is bitten by a radioactive bullet, the punisher vs. archie (hey, wait a minute……).

  8. Surprised no one has mentioned 1992’s The Punisher: G-Force which also took Frank to Moonraker territory.

  9. @abc-

    Remember the Chris Golden/Tom Sniegoski/Pat Lee mini where the Punisher becomes a supernatural agent of Heaven? Great crappola!

  10. I know Spidey’s mask has a habit of getting messed up in different ways but those images really remind me of Greg Capullo’s Batman from issues 5 and 6.

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