Wonder Woman update: Pilot probably won't fly after all


Both Variety and Deadline are reporting that a pick-up for NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot looks unlikely, contravening some rumors that went out this morning. WW show runner David E. Kelley might not get blanked, however — his show Harry’s Law, starring Kathy Bates, is likely to be renewed.

Nothing will be official until the actual upfronts announcement on Monday.

The Wonder Woman TV reboot, starring Adrienne Palicki, has been a source of constant scrutiny since it was announced. The script was leaked, and widely panned, with an “ice cream sleepover” and other Ally McBeal-esque touches coming in for the most criticism. Early PR shots of Palicki were also mocked, with her costume coming in for intense investigation; some on set pictures got a more positive reaction.

And we’re not even going to get into Wonder Woman’s previous screen travails…

In the meantime, we still have Kathy Bates.


  1. Jason says

    Well, if it means we’ll avoid a weak Wonder Woman show it’s probably for the best.

  2. says

    Kathy Bates show is a waste of her talent and a bit of a mess. Watched Harry’s law for 2 episodes and bailed. It just was more of the same old thing.

  3. Torsten Adair says

    If NBC passes, does that tarnish the project? Can Warners shop the pilot around town, perhaps even stream it online to build some buzz?

  4. says

    Warners should have gone after Russell T Davies, who with his Doctor Who revival showed how to make a long-standing character relevant for today’s audience, while still honoring its past.

    Yes, it would have been a mixture of drama and tongue-in-cheek humor, but I’ll take farting aliens over ice-cream sleepovers and dance numbers any day. At least the farting aliens posed a threat to the world.

    Just hire David Tennant as Dr. Psycho and you’re good to go!

  5. KET says

    Both Variety and Deadline are speculating, based on the fact that nothing has been confirmed for shows not being produced in-house at NBC. All that has been announced so far are renewals and new in-house series. More new show announcements will supposedly be available on Monday.

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