Wonder Woman and Supergirl by Kyle Baker

Just to make you smile.



  1. Ooohh…. bendy action figures!

  2. Great role models :D

  3. You tease! I thought this was going to be an upcoming book!

  4. Looks like they could use a sammitch.

  5. michael says:

    Those are excellent caricatures, but nowadays, you have to be careful not to read into the anorexia thing too much. ;)

  6. Ben May says:


    I prefer the rolly polly chibi style personally.

  7. These designs are for a DC book called Bedtime Stories. It’s aimed at children. I’m not sure of the release date, but I’ve been told I have about five months left to deadline. I consulted my daughters on the design because I’ve always wanted to do a Wonder Woman story for young girls. The characters are thin because I’m trying to make them look like teenagers. It’s going to be a fun story about the girls meeting a giant yeti. As Heidi said, the goal is to make people smile.

  8. St. Michael says:

    They kinda look like Bratz.

  9. Sphinx Magoo says:

    It made me smile! That’s a good thing nowadays…

    Any word on if this book is aimed at the bookstore market or if it’s a JohnnyDC/DC Kids project? My kids look to be about the right age for this project.

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