Wonder Woman and Supergirl by Kyle Baker

Just to make you smile.


  1. michael says

    Those are excellent caricatures, but nowadays, you have to be careful not to read into the anorexia thing too much. ;)

  2. says

    These designs are for a DC book called Bedtime Stories. It’s aimed at children. I’m not sure of the release date, but I’ve been told I have about five months left to deadline. I consulted my daughters on the design because I’ve always wanted to do a Wonder Woman story for young girls. The characters are thin because I’m trying to make them look like teenagers. It’s going to be a fun story about the girls meeting a giant yeti. As Heidi said, the goal is to make people smile.

  3. Sphinx Magoo says

    It made me smile! That’s a good thing nowadays…

    Any word on if this book is aimed at the bookstore market or if it’s a JohnnyDC/DC Kids project? My kids look to be about the right age for this project.

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