WOLVERINE update: Schreiber, Jackman

Sleb photo site Just Jared has a jillion photos of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth.

Above, Schreiber wonders why all X-men villains must have gnarly sideburns.


Here, Jackman/Wolverine realizes that adamantium claws make the best damn apple slicer, period.

Wolvie may look a little downscale in these photos, but can we say (in the jump) that Jackman puts the abs in “abtastic Wolverine”!



  1. says

    I hope those aren’t set photos but actual stills.

    “In this scene, a jovial Wolverine offers a kid some of his Cheez-itz he brought to the beach in a zip-lock bag…”

  2. says

    Schreiber as Sabretooth? I like him as an actor, but that’s wildly inappropriate casting.

    Schreiber’s best characters are quiet, cerebral, understated and subtly snarky. I see nothing in that list that corresponds to Sabretooth. It’s not quite as bad as casting, say, Spaulding Gray as the Punisher, but it’s close.

  3. Joseph says

    Yes, if only Liev Schreiber was a professional of some kind, whereby he could maybe “act” differently as he has in the past.

    And the Spaulding Gray comment? I see the kind of ridiculously exaggerated comparison you were going for, but it’s not really appropriate given the fact that Gray is not so much an actual “actor”, and thus loses much of the snarky/angry nerd humor you were attempting to convey. Could you not at least have chosen an actual actor for your comparison? How about saying the casting is as bad as “Clint Eastwood as Howard the Duck”? “Ruby Dee as Wonder Woman”? “Michael Keaton as Batman”?

  4. says

    is that a nipple burn i see on Liev’s shirt?

    tell me i’m wrong.

    is Schumacher doing this flick?

  5. Sparky says

    “Could you not at least have chosen an actual actor for your comparison?”

    Well, since Spalding (no “u”) Gray is actually dead, he’s not actually available for casting, whether he was an actual actor or not.

    …unless they’re doing some kind of Marvel Zombies thing.

  6. says

    I don’t think people are giving Schreiber enough credit as an actor. Just because they’ve not seen him in a role similar to that of Sabretooh, doesn’t mean he won’t be able to pull it off. Give the guy credit, he’s a good actor.

  7. MrsFun says

    Maybe K-Box could’ve just selected someone who was, oh, I dunno, alive?

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