Wolverine Enjoys Spring Break with Latour and Rodriguez

By Steve Morris

Courtesy of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodiguez comes a fan story which is totally canon, has got to be canon, in which Wolverine learns the true meaning of Spring Break. And it’s not safe for work!!

At first an innocuous, standard-looking Wolverine story in which he goes to an anonymous bar to do some drinking, some fighting, and then probably some stabbing (sexual/non-sexual), Latour’s story quickly goes… off book. You’ll have to read it to see what happens, but by the time you finish you’ll have seen a heartfelt realisation, some brutal murdering, and then a final page which answers the one question you’ve always had about Logan. And cameos galore!

It’s canon. It simply has to be canon, you guys.



  1. I would say this is 10 zillion % better than the original Claremont/Miller mini. And the movie. Combined.

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