Wizard World Portland moves to January in 2014

Wizard World Portland moves to January in 2014

By all accounts last weekend’s inaugural Wizard World Portland show was a success. Steve Duin has a glowing report:

The first Portland Wizard World Con was a ridiculous success. I’d peg Saturday’s turnout at 6,000-8,000, or at least 10 times the crowd I’ve ever seen at Wordstock, the city’s increasingly sleepy book festival. Four hours after the doors opened, the ticket line at the Oregon Convention Center was still 250 geeks deep.

“For a first-year show, this is unprecedented,” said Greg Reece, a rare comics’ dealer from Frederick, Md.

In more happy news, next year’s show will be held at the Oregon Convention Center on Jan. 24-26—avoiding conflict with Emerald City, which is held in early March. So you can stick another fork in the latest chapter of Con Wars. It turns out there’s plenty o’ nerd to go around in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. Mikael says

    I’m confused. 6 to 8 thousand on one day is “unprecedented”? Come on. That’s just silly.

  2. Crazy Ol' Hobo says

    Unprecedented for a convention in Portland, apparently. Why is this a problem?

  3. Steve says

    Just because he was a panel and didn’t disclose it discredits the entire piece, really?

    So when Heidi writes a glowing review about any convention that she attends, and most likely participated on a panel, does that discredit her piece?

    I think people are just upset that Wizard put on a descent show, and God forbid that happens.

  4. Thomas says

    Phenomenal. They’ve gone and moved closer to Newcon. Way to crush out smaller events Wizard. Won’t be getting my money again

  5. Tom Strong says

    Seriously, Thomas? No matter where they move, people will say there is a conflict. Be it Stumptown, Rose City, Orycon, etc. There’s only 52 weekends in a year.

    I think Steve is right. There are many people out there who want to see WW as bad folks preying on smaller guys, and not putting on decent shows. Problem is, even in this economy, WW is putting on great shows (see St. Louis!). Philly is gonna be outstanding. Besides, if you ever talk to that WW staff, you’ll see that they don’t have predatory designs, they just like putting on quality shows. :)

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