Wizard World Mars announced

Wow, this is big news! Everyone was wondering when the Wizard World tour would leave the continent, but Gareb Shamus has done everyone one better by announcing that the Helium Super-Card Mini-Con will henceforth be known as the Mars Comic Con Wizard World Interplanetary convention. While everyone is bound to be excited by a show on Mars, the timing of the event is a bit odd — it’s currently slated for December 25th, 2010, which puts it in direct opposition to the Dantooine Non-Sports Card Extravaganza, the Twilight Twi-fan Camporee in Dayton and Yaoi-splosion on Ganymede, a moon of the gas giant Jupiter. Also, with manned space flight a victim of recent budget cuts, it’s not clear who will be attending the show. PR below:

Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard Entertainment, today announced the re-launch of the Helium Super-Card Mini-con as Mars Comic Con Wizard World Interplanetary.

“We admire Gahan of Gathol’s vision for this show and promise to bring Mars an event filled with creators, celebrities Virgil, and so much more,” said Shamus.

Shamus bought the Helium Super-Card Mini-Con from Gahan of Gathol, who will advise and consult on the show. Gahan will continue to adventure, kill savage Therns and Hormads, and run local events, including his popular Banthoom Action Figure Extravaganza.

“This partnership is a win-win for everyone; Earth people, who will be able to breathe via oxygen pills, Martians, who will get first crack at rare Vampirella variants, and the comics industry which will get to see another planet. I see nothing but good things ahead except for those rotten Kaldanes” said Gahan of Gathol.

“Finally, Wizard World has gone out of this world, and it’s about time,” said Shamus.


  1. Torsten Adair says:

    Another Wizard World I won’t be attending… I’ll be ballooning near the Big Red Spot on Jupiter during the holidays. It’s like a neverending sunrise/sunset! Magnificent and collosal and wrathful and awe-inspiring.

  2. I heard there will be regular shuttle buses from Port Authority.

  3. I see,…now that the parents have left the room,…

  4. Gary Dunaier says:

    Based entirely on the material presented in this posting, would I be correct in presuming this WIZARD WORLD: MARS has nothing to do with Mars Bars?

  5. Has he negotiated any hotel rates? No. Do you know what a room facing the canals costs?

  6. Ha ha ha, I was waiting for the shoe to drop.

    Next stop: QWARD.

  7. BWHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is great! I love it.

  8. I understand there won’t be any rooms available at Bowie Base One this year. Something to do with considerable water damage.

  9. There goes the neighborhood.

  10. Hmmm…is Todd Bridges on the guest list? If so, sure, I’m in for WW: Mars.

  11. Kate Fitzsimons says:

    God, do you know how hard it is to get a decent flight to Mars in December? Where is he going to get all the guests? You *know* he won’t be subsidizing those tickets.

  12. Nikoli says:

    I’ve got to GET MY ASS TO MARS!!!

  13. An entire con, on a candy bar?

  14. Up next for Wizard… Uranus!

  15. Not to be racist, but that ‘totally not chris reeves as not superman logo”, should be green. And tel Virgil and the Beastmaster I said hi.

  16. Xenos says:

    Whoo… That gave me a good laugh.

    Hey, any way we can get Wizard and Shamus to stay off world?

  17. ha! Reminds me of this post where they announced purchasing the Lunar Comic Con:


  18. I, for one, welcome putting Gareb Shamus and company in a rocket and shooting it into the hottest planet imaginable.

  19. Torsten Adair says:

    They got the skyline wrong. Most events tend to use Olympus Mons as the leitmotif. The color is correct… red and orange, tending towards rust. Perhaps a complimentary green for the text.

    Green men do not come from Mars, they just use it as an observation post, in much the same way the Greys use Mercury. They also more resemble hairless foxes. Also, do not confuse them with “The Little Green Men”, an adult comicstrip from Europe.


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