Why is Robin kissing Superboy?

DirtbikeAcura RSX message boarders invade gay superhero film set and the results will make baby Jesus and Paul Levitz cry. Also, NSFW.

I look down and see something that I wish I had never saw. Spider Man on his knees about to blow Venom!


  1. says

    Man, first the Juggalo-style Joker, and now this. Christopher Nolan’s going in all directions with the Dark Knight movie.

  2. Torsten Adair says

    Not suprised. There’s lots of slash fiction (all variations) at Literotica and elsewhere. With all the amateur video out there, some with masks to remain anonymous, it’s not too big a jump to include superheroes. Especially buff superheroes in body hugging spandex and latex!

  3. says

    dirtbike message boarders my ass. this was originally posted on clubrsx. anyone else claiming its theirs is total bullshit.

  4. Chamilly says

    This is from CRSX. All of you other websites can be like Robin and SUCKADICK!!

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