Whoopi Goldberg: Northstar to propose to Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #50


Well, after a grueling morning spent watching The View, as one might have expected, it was the nerd of the bunch, Whoopi Goldberg, who announced that “Marvel is making history with an issue on sale tomorrow, as Northstar will propose to Kyle with a gay wedding in a future issue.”

This prompted Joy Behar to ask “Can Batman and Robin come out of the closet now?”

Apparently, yes.

Goldberg went on to say that when she was a kid reading comics she never saw an array of people, so this was a very good thing, prompting Behar to say that “Marvel is cutting edge.”

Then the panel moved on to a university that had mistakenly labeled a department “The department of Pubic Affairs.”

Tee hee hee!


  1. says

    I hope Kyle says no, and then boards a rocket to Mars where he will never be seen again. God, Northstar, why couldn’t you marry someone interesting? Hercules is single, for goodness’ sake!

  2. John Shableski says

    I guess the consolation is that Whoopie says she’s read comics and she actually made an effort to at least look at the sample art.

    I was also hoping to see someone from Marvel getting to make the announcement.

    Behar’s still an idiot. Marvel’s cutting edge? Archie Comics already did this ummm….just a few weeks ago?

  3. Kevin says

    If Mickey says Marvel’s on the cutting edge…they’re on the cutting edge. Do not question The Mouse.

  4. Shawn Kane says

    If Joy Behar weren’t on the show, I could stand to watch it but I agree with John, Marvel did it first.

  5. sam says

    What band of homophobic supervillains will band together to try to stop the wedding? The Watchdogs? Turner D. Century? The Crusader?

  6. jason says

    the only good thing chuck austen ever did was hint that northstar and iceman were gonna get it on. damn you kyle!

  7. Daniel says

    I guess marvel is so cutting edge Wildstorm did it in The Authority a full ten years ago exactly. Go marvel…

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