1. Jesse says

    First and foremost on this debate stop comparing apples to oranges. Any version of the Enterprise is a science and exploration vessel you cannot compare it to a star destroyer many, many, metric tons larger that is a warship of the line.
    Second you either compare the Galaxy Dreadnaught and the defiance class ships for the Fed or Klingon and Romulan warships. Further if you want to be reasonable you would be talking more than one ship to come close to the same tonnage. That being said let’s look at how smaller more advanced tech can still win the day over more fire power.
    1: The Star wars ships are not very fast in normal space and can’t do small warp jumps. They are faster getting across the Galaxy, yes because they do not fly the distance they fold space and hyper jump. This takes calculations as we know and cannot be done in battle.
    This is a huge advantage for the Federation they can move in and out of range at greater speeds than the Star Wars ships tracking systems can target. (You do not create your tracking and targeting systems for some tech you do not have) Thus most shots would miss a Star Trek ship as it could pop in fire and move back to warp before being detected and weapons brought to bear on them. This also is not including Defiant Class cloaked ships in the mix.
    2: There are two gaping faults to Star Wars classic naval ships of the line they have almost all the big weapons set in a forward firing arc only. Along the spine of the ship. Add to this the issue of horrible maneuvering (They rely on star fighters to protect them and only fire the huge guns at larger ships like themselves.)
    This means a faster more maneuverable Ship will stay out of this firing arc. All agree while the ion cannons and mega turbo lasers on the Star destroyer may have the power to over load and take down the Shields you have to get them to bear first which with sensors on the Star trek ships knowing what they are where they are located No ship would ever maneuver to the front of a Star Destroyer. The firepower of the unshielded Fighters from the Star Destroyer are no match for the shield and they would be picked off fast by the phasers of a Star Trek Battle ship. So that is again in favor of a Trek Ship.
    The second issue is for some reason the designers of the Star Destroyer or limitations of the tech have the shields for the ship in to big towers next to the bridge. As we have seen you can fly into them if nothing else but Photon torpedoes can vary modulation to get thru the shields or simply blast them down over repeated attacks, take out the towers and then the Star Destroyer is in trouble. Add in transporter tech and as soon as the shields are down you can beam in weapons if you do not want to keep pounding the ship from sides and rear.

    So yes if you put one small exploration ship in front of a star destroyer you will win every time. But even a science vessel might win with the tactics any starship captain learns in the Academy. If you do this fight with actual Military ships it is now a total win for the federation.

    The Death Star again blows any one ship out of the water with shear power but as is the case it has one main weapon that only fires to one side. It moves slow and can be out maneuvered over and over again until enough damage is done to take it out. We see the fleet hyper jump in slowly maneuver and be attacked from one point and have to close with the other ships of the line to avoid getting shot. Slow ponderous and clunky. A small fleet of defiant class ships would easily take out the fleet and the Death Star. After all a single Spinal mounted weapon can only shoot in that same forward arc.
    Now on the ground the Empire has advantages. But ship to ship it’s weaker tech in the form of shields, and tracking systems, and maneuverability makes them lose the fight.
    I like both Yes Trek I have watched many more decades and we have way more info for. But you just cannot compare the two. You can compare Battlestar, Babylon 5, Buck Rogers and Star wars. Yes all have the same style navies and tech, But Star trek tech is just too far in advance of the others in the most important ways.
    I would take Star Trek in space any time, and Jedi and Clone warriors on the ground 

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