Who Watches the Toaster? Licensed toasters from Dynamite include the Watchmen

We’d like to think that even Alan Moore could smile about this one at some point: Dynamic Forces has partnered with Warner Bros. for a a line of licensed toasters. Properties include The Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Story, Where the Wild Things Are, The Goonies, Gremlins, Little Shop of Horrors, Watchmen, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Mad Magazine, Friends, and so on.

And yes, these toasters will burn Gizmo or Freddie Krueger right on to your toast for breakfast thrills!

“Dynamic Forces is excited to work with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to release these collectible image toasters that capture the spirit of some of Warner Bros.’ most admired properties and timeless brands,” states President of Dynamic Forces, Nick Barrucci in a statement.  “We’re thrilled to give fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite brands and characters in a new way.”

Very new way, although there has been a Hello Kitty toaster for a while. These babies go on sale in September. Collect ’em all — if you have the counter top space!
Watchmen Toaster Mock up.jpg



Nightmare on Elm Street Toaster Mock up.jpg


  1. Torsten Adair says

    Darth Vader was offered by ThinkGeek, pro sports teams are well represented, Mickey Mouse, BSG, Dora, and there’s even a toaster printer with 12×12 resolution.


    (Of course, true makers would just program a laser to etch a piece of bread…)

  2. horatio weisfeld says

    So now I can hear Warner executives were attacked by V(s) & beaten w/ Watchmen toasters? – Wow!

  3. says

    Look, issues of morality and corporations and “Watchmen is sacred” are all great discussions and all but, uh…I goddamn want a Watchmen toaster. Because, really, what the fuck.

  4. monopole says

    Rorschach’s Journal. October 12th, 1985: Pop Tart in toaster this morning, tire tread on burst jam. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended butters and the butters are full of jam …. The accumulated calories of all their jam and butter will build up up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.”

  5. Marc Andreyko says

    they didn’t license teapots because, well, a watchpot never boils. hurm.

  6. Dave Elliott says

    Where’s the Bible toaster that burns a picture of the Virgin Mary on your bread?

  7. horatio weisfeld says

    Some films I hope will be given toasters soon:

    The Conversation
    Blue Velvet
    Before The Devil Knows Your Dead
    Brokeback Mountain
    The Thin Red Line
    To Kill A Mockingbird
    Once Upon A Time in the West
    In Cold Blood
    Requiem for a Dream

  8. jonboy says

    I’m impressed. Any Before Watchmen article gets 100 posts ranting and raving about the project. But a Watchmen toaster gets nary a response? Is it because it’s so ridiculous that it doesn’t warrant a response? Or do comic fans just like their toast?

  9. Jesse says

    No, I agree they are moving in the right direction in household products. Although, I would prefer a sanitary device like a Before Watchman toilet

  10. horatio weisfeld says

    Met Life seems to do well advertising w/ Snoopy – one of the other insurance companies could use The Watchmen?

  11. lori seligman says

    wow a toaster what will they come out with next. lori a wizard of oz freek

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