Whiteout hits in September

In the recent avalanche of comic book movies, one has been MIA for a while — the Kate Beckinsale starrer WHITEOUT, based on the GN by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber. Its been in the can for a while, but appears to have been caught (perhaps — this is our speculation only) part of the Warner Bros. edict against female fronted movies — and also moved to avoid going up against the similarly snow-themed 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. However Shock Till You Drop reports that it will finally be hitting this September 19th.

Directed by Dominic Sena, Whiteout stars Kate Beckinsale as a U.S. Marshall investigating the first murder in Antarctica. She must solve the case before the winter comes and plunges the continent into darkness. Tom Skerritt, Alex O’Loughlin and Columbus Short co-star.


  1. kubiak says

    It finally got a release date! Very cool. I’m really looking forward to seeing this. I just hope it’s similar in tone and content to the comic.

  2. michael says

    I have to admit, I’m excited for this one. I hope it’s really good. :)

  3. michael says

    but it’s set in a cold evironment, maybe the release is to coincide with that? O.o

  4. says

    So we’ll have two comic book based films in September then, the other being Punisher War Zone. I’m anxious to see how Dominic West is made up as Jigsaw.



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