Where's the Situation? Not at Wizard World Chicago


A few months ago there was a bit of fanfare—and perhaps a distant whiff of Axe—when it was announced that Jersey Shore cast member Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his family would be writing a comic for Wizard World, and appearing at various shows on the tour.

The comic—by Paul Jenkins, Talent Caldwell and Paul Mounts—was to debut at next weekend’s
Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention. But sadly, neither Sitch nor the comics will be on hand. According to Wizard spokesman Jerry Milani, the book will be debuting at Mid Ohio instead.


  1. Dave Hartley says

    Nice finger painting.

    As Lennon and McCartney put it :
    “A four of fish and finger pies
    In summer meanwhile back…”

  2. Thomas Wayne says

    What a tragedy…we have to wait for….

    …well….probably the single worst comic/other media crossover in the history of this or any other exsistence.

    How will we go on….?

  3. Snikt Snakt says

    Who’s the next celebutard to do a comic book?

    These morons are coming out of the woodwork these days…

  4. Charles Knight says

    What’s “the situation”? What does such a nickname even mean?

  5. says

    Wizard World Chicago is next weekend?

    (Says the guy who usually pays attention to these things, and has even been to 10 of the things, but not the last 3, and hasn’t heard hide nor hair of any Wizard convention at all in 2012, really.)

  6. Torsten Adair says

    Elevator pitch, based on the Greg Horn cover:

    Think “Risky Business” meets “Back to the Future” by way of “Cool as Ice”! Instead of a DeLorean, we use a tanning booth, like Doctor Who!

    Don’t worry… Joey Lawrence should be able to fill that void in Chicago.

    Also missing: dates for New Jersey or New York. When was the last Wizard event in New York?

  7. says

    @Charles — “The Situation” is actually the name of his abs. After that caught on people just started calling him — the man who owns the abs — by the same name.

    I’m actually working on a prequel comic about the abs by themselves, how they came to be, and what their thoughts are on their human’s newfound fame. Look for it at Boston Comic-Con.

  8. Snikt Snakt says

    Rich, that was the name of the last crappy celebutard comic I couldn’t remember! LoL

  9. ed says

    Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino [not] being at WIZARD WORLD: Chicago << Shia "The Beef" Le Boeuf appearing at REED POP: C2E2*?

    I see.


    *LeBoeuf was also at this years Comic-Con selling his comics, but I think the barker touting Sean Astin's booth signing got more business; haven't seen any comicsratti SDCC write-ups of him being there

  10. Rob says

    Crap. Mid-Ohio is *my* local con.

    Here’s hoping production slips yet again and it debuts, oh, sometime in 2015.

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