Where are the charts?

In case you missed the discussion going on in our comment section, the comparative sales charts for January have been delayed because the numbers from Diamond are a bit odd. Marc-Oliver Frisch explains:

For the record, if you’re waiting for the January month-to-month sales columns, it’ll probably be a while. Since everyone’s fairly sure now that there’s been a glitch in Diamond’s source data, we’re holding off on the columns until the numbers have been corrected.

Looking at the Top 300 charts, there are a few very odd things going on. Not only does there seem to be an inexplicable five-percent increase across the board, as I noted a few days ago, but the index points for individual books also seem to be a mess.

We’ll keep you posted.


  1. Alex says

    I wonder if they can chart disapointment. Just like how unforgivabley disapointing the last two years of SPider-man are. And I mean that is awful.

    They may as well start over now.

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