BLAB!– still cool

Blab-15Get Underground hace a nice interview with Monte Beauchamp, whose BLAB! remains an influential compendium of all things cool and suureal:

MATT: What draws you to certain artists and what tends to push you away from others?

MONTE: It’s the firefly effect. I’m drawn to work that generates
ORIGINAL light. I like imagery by artists who have gone through “rite of passage,â€? so to speak; people who have done a forensic accounting on their inner selves, and have come to terms with it — for better or for worse… people that create a visual resonance that vibrates within a society. BLAB! has no use for the corporate “fast-foodâ€? art that now permeates ninety per cent of the pages of ninety per cent of the magazines.



  1. Monte Beauchamp is fab and I would like to publish and expanded interview with him. Does anyone have any suggestions of who might like a longer-form interview. For cool cartoony lowbrow art, check out my book Weirdo Deluxe by Matt Dukes Jordan, Chronicle Books, 2005.

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