Well, that was stupid

Today is a bad day at Stately Beat Manor, as I managed to badly sprain my ankle in a humiliating home accident that involved no savings of kittens, bear wrestling or heroic feats. Just clumsiness. In addition, instead of chugging two Tylenol right after the accident, I seem to have chugged several multi-vitamins, and I don’t think that had the effect it should have.

Anyway, I’m resting and recuperating, and also doing something I should never do — posting both the Marvel and DC sales figures on the same day. Apologies to Paul and Marc-Oliver, but obviously I never got around to posting everything yesterday I should have, and didn’t want to hold them any longer. So…enjoy!


  1. Alan Coil says

    Hope your ankle feels better soon.

    I know it is probably best for hits if you post the Marvel and DC numbers on different days, but perhaps it is better to post them on the same day just to cut down on snarkiness and hate.

  2. Kat Kan says

    It’s been my experience, with more than a half-century of life, that 99.9% of home accidents resulting in injuries such as sprained ankles (wrists, etc.) are dumb, stupid accidents. I’ve had plenty of them ever since toddlerhood, being a Master Klutz World Class. I hope your ankle swelling goes down quickly and you recover very soon.

  3. says

    You just got to remember Heidi – you’re not as spry as you used to be.

    You gotta put those ‘Adventure On’ days behind you.



  4. Mark Coale says

    I guess this means no trip for you this weekend to Nevada Smith’s to watch footy.

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