Well Said: Neil Gaiman


Embedded in the carpet of the new Gungahlin Public Library in Canberra, Australia.



  1. Greig Daniels says

    Warms a comic loving, book reading librarian’s heart. And in one of New Zealand’s bigger states ( Australians may laugh at this)

  2. Paul says

    I read it the first time as “Libertarian” instead of “Librarian” and got angry. Ah Monday.

  3. Kat Kan says

    And this comment is just one of the things that makes Neil Gaiman a rock star in the minds of most librarians (at least those of us who love comics).

  4. Bill K. says


    A libertarian would tell you that the free market will eventually determine which one of those answers is correct and if it doesn’t it’s because of government interference.

  5. Alan C says

    I’m suprised a library would have that carpet created without correcting the comma splice.

  6. Thane says

    Aside from the needing a semi-colon and not a comma, surely a librarian doesn’t simply give you the right answer, but shows you how to find it yourself, no?

  7. Uncle Pervy says

    Google never threw me out while for not wearing pants while looking at *those* pictures.

  8. Sue says

    Well said, indeed. If you have not already read, This Book is Overdue, How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All by Marilyn Johnson, you must. It is an entertaining call to arms.

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