Webcomic alert: Simone and Ajax

2012 08 30 hiseashijinx p1 Webcomic alert: Simone and Ajax
Andrew Pepoy’s Simone and Ajax is a charming long running strip about a woman pirate and her dinosaur. Pepoy’s been working on it in various forms since the early 90s—a collection, The Adventures of Simone & Ajax Webcomic alert: Simone and Ajax , is available from IDW (a collection I never knew even existed until now) and Pepoy has now brought it back as a once a week webcomic. Bookmark.


  1. This looks fantastic. Very inspiring.

  2. Whoa — good news — about both the book and the webcomic!

  3. “Bookmark.”

    Done. And thanks!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Heidi! Simone & Ajax have also been detectives, attackers of big corporations, barbarians, cosmic adventurers, valkyrie trainees, and more. I’m hoping to get then into all sorts of other troublesome situations in the coming months. Anyone for Sheriff Simone?

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