Webcomic alert: Battle Zoo

battlezoo #1
I actually don’t know anything about this, but the cover alone has got me. It’s the creation of Brad McGinty.


  1. says

    This comic is great, as is everything Brad does. Go get up to date on the comic, and then check out Brad’s sweet Xenomorph shirt.

  2. says

    Brad McGinty ‏is a super loser. I mean, his work is great…but that guy…super loser. Also, he does have great hair.

  3. Hardy Gilbert says

    I normally read buy my comics based on the creators or continuing my uninterrupted run, but any book “Also Starring This Guy,” well, I feel socked!!!!

  4. Al™ says

    “Also ‘Staring’ this guy”, bacause it is spelled incorrectly, threw me. Staring??
    I never know when that’s a joke or unintentional. Darn ambiguity again.

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