Watch Peter Bagge rock out in his new video

Cartoonist Peter Bagge has long had a thriving side career as a member of various garage bands. Now his outift Can You Imagine? has just released a new video for the song “Drive,” directed by Mott Todd. Bonus: Artwork by Peter Bagge!

[Via Flog]



  1. Elvis Lafler says:

    Very cute and slick. Rockin’ even. But it ain’t enuff to turn me from a rabid left wing bleeding heart into a Libertarian!!!

  2. I’ve listened to this song three times now and I can’t find anything particularly about libertarianism in it. It’s just a snappy tune about wanting to learn to drive.

    (Although I suppose driving could be a metaphor for running your own life, which is a libertarian theme. But what’s a meta for if you can’t have fun with it?)

  3. Scott, why does it have to be about libertarianism?

    And to the Beat in general, why does Bagge always have to be specifically noted as a libertarian? I never see, say, Sean Murphy identified as “liberal/cartonist”.

  4. That was sort of my point, but in a round-about way.

  5. YOU know Pete and I are pals, and it’s kind of a running joke, but I see how it wouldn’t be seen as that so I took it down!

  6. Ah, sorry for misunderstanding.

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