Watch GREEN LANTERN for 99 cents

201112021205 Watch GREEN LANTERN for 99 cents

YouTube has a new promotion for its new streaming service where you can watch recent movies for 99 cents — among them GREEN LANTERN. If you’ve been waiting for a budget-conscious way to watch Hal Jordan save the universe from an angry cloud, this is your chance.

You can also watch Harry Potter, Conan, and that movie where Ton Hanks lives out his biker fantasy by riding a scooter with Julia Roberts on the back.


  1. john layman says:

    Green Lantern for 99 cents is too high a price!

  2. I was going to make the same comment, but am happy to see I was beaten to the punch by a well-respected comic book professional.

  3. I too was going to make the same joke. Gimme a minute and I’ll think of something else.

  4. Pedro Bouça says:

    If they paid me the 99 cents, I would consider watching it.

  5. Related: For 99 cents, I will punch you in the groin.

  6. Snikt Snakt says:

    I’d rather get back the 2+ hours I lost while watching it…

  7. Thomas Baumbidell says:

    I would rather pay Van Jensen 99 cents to punch me in the groin than watch that again.

  8. Xenos says:

    I’m reminded of the time I saw Ultraviolet with Mila Jojovinotgoingtobeworkinghereanymore.

    We had gone to see another film at a free screening and the copy was busted. So they gave us free passes. Then they said we could go see any other film playing that day. Ultraviolet was one none of us had seen and we were curious about.

    We walked out still feeling ripped off.

    I wish I had seen Green Lantern for that price, but even then I’d still feel ripped off. Maybe moreso than Ultraviolet.

    We knew GL was going to be bad, but not that… blah. Plus I swear there was barely a dozen people in the theater 7pm the opening Saturday.

    Both in the film and in its promotion, DC Warners really did nothing to make Hal stand out or be unique. It just came off as a generic forgettable superhero movie.

  9. I watched this at (which also has it for 99c) and it is not as bad as the reviews made it out to be. It’s not great, but I enjoyed it more than Thor and Capt America.

  10. AfterHours Al™ says:

    Haven’t seen Harry Potter, Conan, or Green Lantern yet, but I did see Larry Crowne, with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

    I’m not a huge romcom fan, but that one was solid gold through and through. Definitely worth a buck to see it on the tiny screen.

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