Warren Ellis makes the case for Tom Frame

200705141233Via his Bad Signal mailing list:

The thing that bothered me about that Roll Of Honour award was that it should have been a reason to honour the memory of Tom Frame. Only met him the once — an afternoon drinking session with him, Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis. Tom was funny, awesomely cranky, and happilly admitted to monkeying with scripts a bit as he lettered them. It’s a terrible shame that no-one ever sat him down and got a history of British comics 1970-2000 out of him, as he was in the Fleetway/IPC offices the whole time and saw it all happen. (I still want someone to sit Mike Moorcock down and get the story from 1950-1970 approx.) He was an essential part of the character of British comics. I don’t know how the Eagles are voted for, but I don’t think anyone would have minded if the numbers had been fiddled, and the Comics Expo had taken a few minutes to remember Tom Frame.

Tom Frame was the letterer for 2000 AD and Judge Dredd for many years, lettering some 300 stories before dying of cancer last year.

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