Wanna buy a pass for San Diego Comic-Con?

Still want to buy a ticket to the Big Show? Comic_Con, the official Twitter of Comic-Con, is offering one day and four day passes on Ebay at regular prices. Follow and hurry! They are selling quickly.


  1. michael says

    If there are still passes available, why are they selling them this way instead of the normal route? O.o

  2. says

    The passes they’re selling are replacements for memberships that were canceled and refunded. The deadline for that was last Friday, and I guess they waited a few days to allow for slow mail (the request had to be in writing, by snail mail).

    As for why they’re putting them up, a few at a time, on eBay (with a fixed price, as far as I can tell)? I’d guess it’s to give more people a shot at it, rather than face the kind of crunch that the hotel reservations always do.

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