Video Parade: THE KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM trailer

Finally, a LARPing comedy.


It seems they are going the GALAXY QUEST route, with LARPers having to face the real thing — a soul-sucking succubus. This movie seemed to have much more buzz than some of the bigger ones shown at Comic-Con, so it definitely touched a nerve.

I have some mixed feelings about this. While some of this looks like it could have been shot at my own family’s LARPing compound, it’s definitely not as amusing-looking as the real thing. But, you know, Peter Dinklage.

What say you, readers?


  1. I did some early concept work on another indie LARPing movie called Unicorn City. It’s considerably less gory than Knights of Badassdom. You can see the trailer here:

  2. Role Models makes pretty extensive use of LARPing in the plot, including the climax.

  3. Steve Zahn!

    The Karl Kesel of Hollywood!

  4. Looks like goofy fun! My friend and model Trina Kay is the brunette with fairy wings that walks through several scenes, and a couple of other women I’ve shot are in one of the groups of four towards the end.

  5. idealrobot says:

    Ever hear of the Wild Hunt?

    Funny, and good.

  6. @ idealrobot

    THANK YOU! i been trying to remember the name of that film!

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