Video Blog #2: Kyle Baker

We shoot the breeze with celebrity Kyle Baker!



  1. Anonymous says:

    unable to view

  2. also unable to view

  3. the freaky tiki says:

    worked just fine for me. I’m on a mac, does that make a differance?

  4. Martha Thomases says:

    i’m on a mac, and couldn’t get it to work. rats.

  5. If you have any problem with the video, just make sure to install the DivX plugin available here:

    PC –
    Mac –

  6. I have a mac and it worked great. very funny interview – great job Heidi!

  7. pc, winxp, sp2, firefox: a-ok

  8. Justin says:

    I have the Hardcover. Is there more Bakers stories on the way?

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